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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Well Tempered

Fluke were a British acid house/techno group who put out a very good album on Creation (The Techno Rose Of Blighty, 1991) and went on to release several others and then went on to provide music for film soundtracks (The Matrix amongst others). But in some ways their best work was the remixes they did of other artists in the early 90s. They worked on several singles for Bjork's Debut including the definitive version of Big Time Sensuality and this magnificent, shimmering, rushing, dancefloor reworking of Violently Happy.

Violently Happy (Fluke Well Tempered)

This remix of  Spooky was the fourth single from their 1993 Republic album (and there is a sign of how things had changed- New Order on Factory would never have done something as major label as releasing 4 singles off an album). One of the (few) highlights of the album and its related singles were the 3 remixes Fluke did of Spooky.

Spooky (Magimix)

Monday, 22 January 2018

Tir Ha Mor

Gwenno has a new album out soon and this song/single Tir Ha Mor is a lovely way to promote it. Lots of little melodic touches, organs and synths pushed along by insistent drums and topped with her sing-song vocals (in Cornish). The song was inspired by a trip to St Ives and the Cornish abstract landscape artist Peter Lanyon.

Gwenno's last album was a psychedelic/motorik joy sung mostly in Welsh. One of the songs, Chwyldro, was remixed by our friend Andrew Weatherall in fine, wigged out, lengthy style.

Chwyldro (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Slow Fade

Daniel Avery has just released a new 4 track e.p. Plenty of hazy, calming white noise, FX, ghostly synths and echo-laden drums. Like walking through fog and then coming out of it. A new album, Song For Alpha, comes out in April and if Slow Fade is anything to go by it will be very good indeed.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Music For Dreams

Phil Mison, Balearic dj and producer, put out a compilation called Music For Dreams Vol. 1 back in 2014. As far as I can see it didn't have a physical release but you can stream it and download it at the usual places you might do those things (obviously if you like it you should buy it because streaming doesn't really pay anyone a jot unless they're absolutely massive).

Music For Dreams is a trip, 22 tracks from artists like Grassskirt, Kenneth Bager, Lulu Rouge, Cantoma, DJ Disse (a seriously laid back cover of Walk On The Wild Side), Frontera and Bliss. The vibe is relaxed, with a pulsebeat to keep the head nodding. Best of all, when you buy it there are the individual tracks and two fully mixed versions. This is a 20 minute preview mix. A truly gorgeous way to start Saturday morning.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Jukebox Babe

My love of San Francisco drone hippy-punks Moon Duo is well documented. They have a new 12" out today, a pair of covers. One of them is a version of No Fun by The Stooges that they worked up when appearing on 6 Music for Iggy's 70th birthday (and it gives me an excuse to use this picture of Iggy a friend shared on social media recently). The other is a cover of Alan Vega's 1981 single Jukebox Babe, an exercise in repetition and reverb that will take some beating. Both were recorded/produced by Sonic Boom, who knows a thing or two about repetition.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

And So The Conversation Turned

I've said it before- sometimes you find a picture and that drives the post rather than the other way around. That is the case today. Having found this picture of Joanne and Susan from The Human League, snapped for The Face in June 1986, I couldn't not post it. The only Human League song on my hard drive is this one...

(Keep Feeling) Fascination

That's a properly joyous blast of 1980s pop and no mistake. I do have at least one, maybe two of their albums on vinyl, and also their 1978 single Being Boiled, a pioneering piece of synth-art opening with some white noise and the words 'Ok, ready, let's do it'. Being Boiled was from the days before Joanne and Susan were plucked from the dancefloor by Phil Oakey and turned into pop stars while still at school. I think it's safe to say that this would cause their school a few safeguarding issues today. Not to mention the tracking of their progress towards their predicted GCSE grades. The 1980s- a time when pop groups didn't have to worry about Ofsted.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018


Tapan are a duo from Belgrade, about to release an album called Europa- stick that in your referendum Nigel. They veer all over the place, from Middle Eastern rhythms to dub to weirded-out post punk, but always a step ahead. Europa has been remixed by Timothy J. Fairplay, a beguiling eight minutes for Wednesday morning. The Youtube commenters know the score:
  • crunchy beats 
  • a gargantuan tune full of hyperconsciosness sent to us from Tapans hideout faaaar beyond our Oort cloud
  • mhmmm
  • filthy and fat
  • (~)
  • some heavy shit