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Friday, 20 January 2017

Out Of Body

Innersphere's Out Of Body is a 1995 ambient classic- over nine minutes long, a shuffling drumbeat, rippling pianos, squelchy bass, spine tingling stuff all told. It came out on Sabrettes with an Andrew Weatherall remix on the B-side. Weatherall's version is a less optimistic, more paranoid take. There's a high pitched noise that is there more or less all the way through, like a radio not tuned in right, the pianos have been spooked and three quarters of the way through the whole thing turns when a voice asks 'Can I come in please?'

Out Of Body (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

Thursday, 19 January 2017

A Whisper In The Darkness

Timothy J Fairplay has a debut album out next month, following a slew of ep and 12" releases over the last couple of years and a stint as an Asphodell. The blurb from Dutch record label Charlois adds several new genres to Timothy's already pretty unique list of musical areas covered- proto techno, horror disco and forlorn wave. The last one, forlorn wave, is a beauty to add to the Stasi disco and rare gloom tags that were my previous favourites. Twelve synth and drum machine tracks over four sides of vinyl, out on February 20th. Things are looking up.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Twist Your Arm

Ten Fé are a London duo who I'd never heard of until recently. They sound a bit like 80s Cure mixed with 80s Bruce Springsteen. Their new album was recorded in Berlin- often a promising sentence- and is preceded by a remix e.p. This is the one for me, Roman Flugel's remix, a vibrant, hopeful version with juddering bass and synths like daybreak.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Chris Mackin (also Chris Rotter of Le Volume Courbe, the live band version of Two Lone Swordsmen and his own Bad Meat Club) shared this over Christmas and then it got lost in amongst all the merrymaking. Eleven and a half minutes of sonic adventuring and dancehall vibes, turning cosmiche at five thirty and then building.

Monday, 16 January 2017


Obscure Monday- as if it hasn't been obscure or obtuse enough here recently. Afrobeat legend and drummer Tony Allen remixed by Berlin techno legend Oswald von Moritz back in 2007 (that's ten years ago now, as if you need reminding that these things are all longer ago than you thought they were). What is this? It's Afro-techno-dub.

That doesn't really do it justice. It's lighter than air, languid poly-rhythmic, Nigerian disco via  Deutsch motorik funk with a dubbed out end section.

Ole (A Remix by Moritz von Oswald)

Sunday, 15 January 2017


My posts seem to be getting briefer- maybe I'm running out of ways to talk about music and I don't seem to have any stories to tell either.

Kelly Lee Owens has released some really interesting music in recent years and is gearing up for an album. I first heard her as the voice on some of Daniel Avery's Drone Logic lp and the techno influences are evident in the songs here. There's also some wonky electronic pop going on and a whole load of disorientating echo and wobble.

This one came out two years ago, a tribute to Arthur Russell.

This ep, Oleic, is on Bandcamp, four slices of snare, synth, odd frequencies and voice.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Star Roving

A new song from Slowdive. Shoegaze for 2017 (which sounds like 1991 but somehow even moreso). Pedals for everyone. Head down, fringe flopping forward, strobe lights, scuzzy Converse, sonic cathedrals. This is a magnificent racket.